Metallica M72 World Tour No Repeat Weekend With Architects And Mammoth WVH At PGE Narodowy In Warsaw Poland Night 1 On July 5 2024

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2-DAY TICKETS Each show on the M72 World Tour is a unique experience! Enjoy two completely different set lists with two different bands opening each night. Purchase a two-day ticket to ensure you won’t hear the same song twice, totaling over 30 tracks from Metallica’s incredible 40+ years of music.

SINGLE DAY TICKETS Can’t make it for the whole weekend? No problem! Single-day tickets are available for those who want to enjoy a day of ‘Tallica.

ENHANCED EXPERIENCES & “I DISAPPEAR” TICKETS Enhance your weekend with a variety of experiences, from meet and greets, production and stage tours, and access to the “Black Box” lounge and Snake Pit. The “Black Laminate” is now the “I Disappear Ticket,” perfect for fans wanting to follow the tour across multiple weekends. Grab yours for the 2023 tour before February 1 and attend every show on your continent or globally. 2024 tickets are on sale until further notice. Visit for more details.

SNAKE PIT CONTESTS Snake Pit tickets are on sale, but we’re also giving Fifth Members a chance to win passes for free. Keep an eye on as the show dates approach for your chance to enter the Snake Pit.

MEET & GREET CONTESTS We aim to host Meet & Greet contests for Fifth Members, although it may not be possible in some locations. Stay updated at for more information closer to the show dates.

WHAT TO DO IN WARSAW When Metallica’s in town, it’s more than just a concert; it’s a weekend celebration! Explore the fantastic activities Warsaw has to offer when you’re not at the show.


Explore Warsaw with our new #M72 interactive map, guiding you to all the must-see Metallica spots. The map will be updated with new locations in advance of each tour stop, so be sure to check back for the latest additions and make the most of your Metallica weekend!

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